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Geólogos do petróleo promovem workshop sobre Geociências

Com o tema "Unconventional Resources: New Ideas for Future Challenges in Brazil", a  Associação Brasileira de Geólogos de Petróleo –ABGP –  e a American Association of Petroleum Geologists – AAPG – promovem de 15 a 17 de julho, no Rio de Janeiro, o GTW: Geoscience Technology Workshops.

Atenção: as vagas são limitadas a 150 participantes. Garanta já a sua acessando o site oficial do encontro. 

Convite formal da AAPG para o GTW

On behalf of the organizers, it is our pleasure to formally invite you to present and participate in GTW Brasil, a Geoscience Technology Workshop. The AAPG Latin America Region and the Associação Brasileira de Geólogos de Petróleo (ABGP), will co-host the workshop, scheduled for 15-17 July 2012, in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The workshop theme is "Unconventional Resources: New Ideas for Future Challenges in Brasil".

GTW Brasil format

• The 2-1/2 day event begins on Sunday evening with a cocktail networking reception

• Four (4) technical sessions on Monday and Tuesday

• Four or five 20-minute presentations per session

• Presentations are practical and cross disciplines of geology, geophysics, geochemistry and engineering, including case studies, best practices and lessons learned

• Each session is followed by discussion among all GTW attendees and reporting out of key ideas

Session themes

Session 1: Basics of Unconventional Resources

Session 2: Tight Sand Reservoirs

Session 3: Fractured Carbonates

Session 4: Shale Oil/Shale Gas

The attached Program Agenda provides details of the organizing committee members and other confirmed talks for the workshop. In addition, complete information regarding workshop registration, hotel reservations, and the current list of sponsors can be found at the GTW Brasil website

Since 2010, AAPG Latin America Region has partnered with local geoscience societies to offer extremely successful GTWs in Mexico, Argentina, and Colombia. This is the first AAPG GTW offered in Brasil, and with your participation, we expect GTW Brasil to be equally successful.




GTW Brazil

15-17 July 2012

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sofitel Rio de Janeiro Copacabana Hotel


Unconventional Resources: New Ideas for Future Challenges in Brazil

Organizing Committee:

Miguel Ramirez, President, AAPG Latin America Region, ExxonMobil Colombia

Paulo de Tarso Araripe, President, Asociacao Brasileira de Geologos de Petroleo (ABGP)

Sylvia M. Couto Anjos, GTW Brasil General Co-chair, General Manager of Geology, Petrobras

Victor Vega, GTW Brasil General Co-Chair, Vice President, Equion Energia

Webster Mohriak, PhD, Geoscience Specialist, Prospect Evaluation and Portfolio Management, HRT

Antonio Tisi, Director / Amazon Exploration Manager, Petra Energia

Fernando Sanchez Ferrer, PhD, Principal Regional Geologist, Latin America, Exploration New Ventures, Shell

Pedro Victor Zalán, PhD, Geólogo - Consultor Sênior, Petrobras E&P/E&P-EXP/GPE

Luiz Antonio Freitas Trindade, Exploration Manager, Petrobras Argentina S.A.

Ted M. Keeling, Geologic Advisor, South America New Opportunities Group, ExxonMobil

Ulises Hernández Romano, PhD, Regional and Prospect Geologist, Gulf of Mexico, Pemex E&P

Susan Smith Nash, PhD, Director of Education and Professional Development, AAPG

Carol Cain McGowen, Development Manager, U.S. Sections & International Regions, AAPG

Honorary Chair: Magda Maria de Regina Chambriard, General Director, Brazil National Agency of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)




SUNDAY, 15 July 2012

On-site badge and materials pick-up

Evening Ice Breaker Reception

MONDAY, 16 July 2012

Continental Breakfast

Morning Session

Session 1: Basics of Unconventional Resources

Co-chairs: Webster Mohriak, HRT

Victor Vega, Equion Energia

- Geologic Characterization of Potential Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs, Christopher J. Schenk, PhD, Project Chief, U.S. National Oil and Gas Assessment, and Task Chief, USGS World Petroleum Assessment Project, U.S. Geological Survey

- Unconventional resources – Key Play Types, Attributes and Success Factors, Kevin Meyer, Unconventional Resources Coordinator, Business Development Group, ExxonMobil

- Lessons Learned From North America- Sizing Up Shale Plays, Bob Fryklund, General Manager, Latin America, IHS

- Unconventional fossil fuel resources in Brazil: An overview, Prof. João Marcelo Medina, Center of Excellence in Research and Innovation in Petroleum, Mineral Resources and Carbon Storage, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – confirmed

- Where may we find shale gas in Brazil?, Prof. Dr. René Rodrigues, Prof. Dr. Hernani A. F. Chaves, Prof. Cleveland M. Jones, Brazilian National Institute of Science and Technology in Oil and Gas (INCT - Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia em Óleo e Gás - CNPq)

Coffee Break

IPOD Discussion (Issues/Problems/Opportunities/Directions) in small groups, followed by Report Outs, Q & A

Networking Lunch

Afternoon Session

Session 2: Tight Sand Reservoirs

Co-Chairs: Antonio Tisi, Petra Energia

Fernando Sanchez-Ferrer, Shell

- Tight Gas Field Development in the Neuquén Basin, Eduardo Sarmiento, Reservas y Reservorios – E&P, Petrobras Energia Argentina

- Just-In-Time Perforating for Controlled, Cost-Effective Stimulation and Production Uplift of Unconventional Reservoirs, Tim Benish, PhD, Subsurface Engineer, Unconventional Gas Recovery, ExxonMobil Upstream Research

- Tight Gas Fracturing – Evolution of Methodologies, Mark Machala, Halliburton

IPOD Discussion (Issues/Problems/Opportunities/Directions) in small groups,

followed by Report Outs, Q & A

Social Hour, Group Dinner and Cultural Entertainment

TUESDAY, 17 July 2012

Continental Breakfast

Morning Session

Session 3: Fractured Carbonates

Co-chairs: Pedro Victor Zalán, Petrobras

Ulises Hernández Romano, Pemex

- Fractures and diagenesis in carbonate reservoirs, Mateu Esteban, PhD, External Advisor in Carbonates, Geology Department, REPSOL Director Carbonates International, AAPG Distinguished Lecturer

- Static Characterization of Carbonate Fractured Reservoirs . Examples from the southeast of Mexico, Faustino Monroy, PhD, Reservoir Geologist, Pemex E&P

- Niobrara Fracture Prospecting Through Integrated Structural and Azimuthal Seismic Interpretation, Silo Field Area, Wyoming, Galen Treadgold, Vice President, Weinman GeoScience division of Global Geophysical Services

- Fracture and In Situ Stress Patterns in Khuff Structural Traps, Eastern Offshore Saudi ArabiaTBD, Mohammed Ameen, PhD, Senior Geological Consultant, Saudi Aramco

IPOD Discussion (Issues/Problems/Opportunities/Directions) in small groups, followed by Report Outs, Q & A

Networking Lunch

Afternoon Session

Session 4: Shale Oil/Shale Gas

Co-chairs: Luiz Antonio Freitas Trindade, Petrobras Argentina

Ted Keeling, ExxonMobil

- Emerging Shale Resource Plays in South America. Comparisons with North American Examples -with emphasis on the Neuquén Basin's Vaca Muerta, Fernando Sanchez-Ferrer, PhD, Principal Regional Geologist, Latin America, Shell International E&P

- Multi-scale, brittle-ductile couplets in unconventional gas shales: Merging sequence stratigraphy and geomechanics, Prof. Roger M. Slatt, PhD, Director, Institute of Reservoir Characterization, University of Oklahoma

- Regional Geology of Hydrocarbon Resources Potential of Shale Plays in Mexico, José Antonio Escalera Alcocer, Exploration Vice President, Pemex Exploration & Production

- Oil Shale in Irati Formation, Paraná Basin, Brazil, Henrique Krahenbuhl Porto Alegre, Senior Geologist, Petrobras/SIX

- A New Approach To Managing Fracturing And Completion Operations In The Eagle Ford Shale, Robert Fulks, Director of Shale Resource Projects, Weatherford International

IPOD Discussion (Issues/Problems/Opportunities/Directions) in small groups, followed by Report Outs, Q & A

Closing Comments and Recognitions

ABGP - 12/06/2012